SingularityNET Token Audit Complete

SingularityNET Token Audit Complete

Tokens to be unfrozen alongside several major developments.

TLDR — Token audit is complete, AGI tokens to be unfrozen on January 18th at 10pm CET.

As you likely know, the SingularityNET Token Generation Event sold out in just 66 seconds. In the weeks since our TGE completed, we’ve seen our Telegram group swell by the thousands. The final numbers speak for themselves:

  • Whitelist Demand: $360+ million
  • Total Funds Raised: $36 million (in ETH)
  • Total Participants: 4000+ participants
  • Speed of Sale: 66 seconds

We Have Successfully Completed Our Token Audit

We’re pleased to announce that our token audit has finished successfully. The success of our platform is our highest priority, and as with other processes, we completed our token audit as thoroughly as possible.

We believe that the measures we took during this process will set the standard for blockchain projects moving forward.

Throughout the audit, we dialogued directly with major regulators to ensure full regulatory compliance. While many projects skirt the law, we were unwilling to put the longevity of SingularityNET at risk. We believe that our patience and rigor will prove valuable to the network over the long-term.

Now that our audit is complete, we will be unfreezing AGI tokens on January 18th, 2018 at 10pm CET.

Major Development Update Coming Soon

We’re also happy to report that many of our development milestones will be reached ahead of schedule. Our team has been working tirelessly on many exciting features, and they’ve made significant progress since our TGE finished.

AGI tokens will have immediate utility and can be used on our developer network from day one.

Note: The SingularityNET Marketplace is already a working product, albeit with emergent functionality. Our development team will be augmenting its capabilities over the next few quarters in preparation for commercial scalability.

We want to thank our 25,000+ community, as well as the hundreds of AI developers and organizations that have approached us looking to integrate their services with SingularityNET.

We’re Attracting High-Level Executives

Behind the scenes, our team has been hard at work, surpassing several technical milestones and finalizing discussions with major blockchain projects, multi-billion dollar corporations, respected research institutions, and independent AI developers in more than a dozen countries.

Due to the scale of our platform, we’ve attracted the interest of numerous high-level executives from world-renowned corporations, foundations, and projects with household names. We’ll be adding to our leadership team over the next few months and will be updating the community when key hires are completed.

We’ve also made rapid progress partnering with like-minded projects that can bring massive value to our platform. A handful of our recent partnerships include:

  • SGInnovate — We’ll be working with the government-owned, private company charged with driving technology innovation in Singapore.
  • NR Capital— Our teams will be collaborating to develop revolutionary AI-driven solutions for global trade.
  • Ocean Protocol— This partnership represents a huge leap forward in meeting the growing demand for full-stack, decentralized AI services.

We’ll be releasing additional information regarding many recent developments later this month.

SingularityNET and NR Capital: AI Technologies that Drive Global Trade

SingularityNET and NR Capital: AI Technologies that Drive Global Trade

(L-R) Surina Jones, GM Six Kin Development; J.J. Ho, Director, NR Capital; Tom James, CEO NR Capital; Scott Jones, SingularityNET Partner and MD Six Kin Development

We’re excited to join forces with Singapore FinTech firm, NR Capital, to develop revolutionary new AI-driven solutions for the commodity finance. These SingularityNET agents from our collaboration will be used to drive and automate global trade.

“We are very excited to work with SingularityNET and Six Kin Development, world leaders in AI and Machine Learning technologies. We all share a common vision in the application of AI to improve the efficiency of real world economy processes. This collaboration will greatly assist us in our goal to revolutionize and disrupt the existing way that bulk physical commodity shipments are managed.”
— Tom James, CEO, NR Capital

As a provider of AI Consulting Services and the local representative of SingularityNET in Singapore, Six Kin Development is providing the needed resources and capabilities to fuel this partnership.

“We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know NR Capital and Tom James over the past few months through our engagements in various technology oriented community events, and I’m thrilled that we’re now able to team up, along with SingularityNET, and take our relationship to the next level. The commodities trade finance ecosystem is poised for disruption, and Tom and his team are putting together an impressive strategy for revolutionizing the business. We look forward to supporting them in this endeavor!”
— Scott Jones, Managing Director, Six Kin Development

Commodity Trade Meets Supply Chain

The commodity market covers all commerce of raw and primary products, divided between hard commodities such as gold and oil and soft commodity agricultural products such as wheat and coffee. Within the metal commodities market, copper and iron amount to $91 Billion and $115 Billion respectively, while the oil market alone amounts to $1.72 Trillion.

“These markets are inefficiently managed today due to an inability to process the vast volumes of data. Through SingularityNET’s AI capabilities, supply chain finance can be disrupted via AI analysis and automation at scale.”

SingularityNET’s Role

Any AI-driven innovations in commodity finance could create billions in value. SingularityNET gives the world access to AI to automate entire supply chains across industries and nations. The value created, as well as corporations in desperate need for supply-chain automation, could be staggering.

In a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in December 2017, NR Capital, SingularityNET and Six Kin Development agreed to collaborate in pursuit of several objectives, including digitization of supply chain and application of Artificial Intelligence to fully automate and improve efficiency for the commodity trade finance business. The partners will also explore how to leverage SingularityNET’s decentralized AI marketplace to expose these new AI services to previously unreachable consumers around the world. We look forward to sharing the fruits of this partnership with the community going forward.

This partnership with NR Capital marks the first of many finance-AI collaborations for SingularityNET. We are creating the network infrastructure for a world of open and interoperable AI. This vision requires financial AI in force, and our partnership with NR Capital takes us one step closer to making SingularityNET the AI infrastructure for the financial world.

If you haven’t already, join our Telegram group today for the latest updates and announcements. We’re excited to share with you our achievements since the TGE completed.

SingularityNET has arrived, and we’re glad you’re a part of it,
The SingularityNET Team

#A095f SingularityNET AGI could shake up the blockchain world in 2018

Image Credit: jamesteohart/Shutterstock

If there is one thing I have learned in the last two years in the cryptocurrency world, it’s that things change so quickly in this sector, it can humble anybody. Anyone who says he knows what he is talking about, doesn’t!

Still, it’s New Year’s Day, so what the heck? I’ll put my neck out there with 12 predictions for 2018:

1. Ripple will lose its luster

People will realize that Ripple is a cool business but that it doesn’t actually require a protocol token to work. There are a number of other protocols (including some VERY high market cap ones) that also don’t require a token to work.  The market will start to weed them out. That said, Ripple will be a valuable company because of the service it provides. It just won’t be a valuable protocol. The protocol multiples are much higher. Disclosure: I previously owned XRP, but don’t hold any now.

2. The Lightning Network will face the big test

Either Lightning will work and Bitcoin will regain its prominence as THE default cryptocoin in the world, or it will fail miserably and Bitcoin will continue to fall further and further behind as a coin of relevance. If that happens, Bitcoin Cash becomes the “real” Bitcoin.

To me, it’s a coin toss. I’m playing catchup on this one as I sold a lot of my BCH when it came out in favor of BTC, thinking SegWit2x would happen, but I was wrong. Ouch.

3. The privacy wars will begin as people recognize the difference between pseudonymity and anonymit

When they do, the competition will intensify for adoption of a “privacy” coin like

I predict that one or two of these coins will be recognized as the next Bitcoin within the mainstream media. There are a lot of factors here that will determine the winner, but I it will come down to whose security mentality is superior. We’ll only know that after a few big attacks.

4. The DAO market will take off

The DAO market, currently led by companies like Aragon, Colony, District0x, and DAOStack — will soon have a few proof-of-concept DAOs running. It’ll be interesting to hear the metrics they report in terms of set up time, user base, types of activities/DAOs in operation, etc. These protocols have massive opportunity (as I wrote previously on VentureBeat), though the vision in this market may be way ahead of the tech.

If there are 50 or so legit projects in pilot in 2018, then this sector is on a fast pace. I’m planning a pilot DAO of my own, by the way, so I’ll be updating readers about what the process looks like from the inside.

5. More decentralized AI startups will emerge

Last month, blockchain-based AI-as-a-Service startup SingularityNet’s ICO sold out in 60 seconds, pulling in $36 million. It set the $36 million cap after receiving requests for $360 million worth of its tokens from investors. There will be more ICOs like this one. Since money attracts money, we will see a lot of people leaving high priced AI jobs at big tech firms like Google and Facebook to pursue billion-dollar paydays at the next crypto-AI protocol. We will probably see 10 crypto AI ICOs that are at least $50 million. For more on decentralized AI, see my earlier article here.

6. Ethereum will be the standard … or not

By now, we all know that CryptoKitties brought the Ethereum network to its knees. Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin knows it too and is very aware of the challenges he and his team face.

I had the opportunity to spend time with Buterin and Ethereum developer Vlad Zamfir a few weeks ago, and — although I think the “Vitalik as Wunderkind” narrative is dangerous — I walked away from our conversation very impressed. These two are very thoughtful, articulate, open-minded, and brilliant. There are a ton of things that need to be done to prepare Ethereum to handle the scale and speed the community will need (as I have outlined before), but these two are both smart and humble enough that they could do it.

That said, with all of Ethereum’s issues, there is room for other, newer blockchains like NEMQTUMEOS, or AION to start closing the gap, if not overtake the platform. If we see more than 100 projects built on any one of those platforms, I think we’ll be seeing the emergence of an Ethereum contender. If not, Ethereum will keep its hold on the lead.

7. Interoperability protocols will remain immature

I’m rooting for interoperability players — like PolkadotCosmos and new entrants like Lamden and Metronome — that will enable transactions and information exchanges between different blockchains. But I think it will be a while before they really get off the ground. In the long term, they’ll enable a multi-blockchain world. But in the short term, they’ll increase the load on key blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin and so won’t likely get much love from those communities just yet. I expect them to be a bit quiet for the time being. For more on this sector, see my earlier story.

8. We’ll see more Crypto Valleys beyond Zug

I lead a quarterly trip to “Crypto Valley” in Zug, Switzerland as part of the Crypto Explorers Association. The next one is January 29, which is sold out, but applications are open for the April trip. See the site for details.

We’ve been approached by governments in places like Oman and Panama that want to set up Crypto Valleys in their geographies and use CryptoExplorers as a way of introducing themselves to the world. They have studied what Zug has done to drive innovation and job creation and they want to do that themselves.

That tells me governments in tier 2 or tier 3 locations see blockchain/crypto as a way to “leapfrog” tier 1 economies in the way Estonia did in the 1990s, going straight to a digital first country. (You can read about my experiences as an e-citizen of Estonia here.)

These new Crypto Valleys will try to become blockchain-first locations. And I think we will see two or three of them make it. I’m not talking about Dubai, Singapore, Tel Aviv, or Berlin. I’m talking about unexpected places like Bratislava, Florianopolis, Panama City, and Muscat.

9. Crypto will go mainstream

Three of the top 10 retail brokers in the U.S. will allow you to buy 1-5 cryptocurrencies directly from their websites, just as you do today with stocks or mutual funds. Coinbase, currently the most popular exchange for crypto newcomers, only supports four currencies at the moment. Unless it wants to start losing ground, it will need to improve its infrastructure and execute a plan for world domination.

10. ICOs will go mainstream

I think we will see the first legitimate ICOs take place on Indiegogo in February, or March at the latest. I predict that, over the course of the year, we will see at least nine more, for a total of 10 in 2018. (Here is Indiegogo’s original announcement.)

11. Reverse ICOs will intensify

Kik did the first reverse ICO; now YouNow is about to do one. I think we’ll see at least 15-20 more reverse ICOs in 2018. A “reverse ICO” is when an existing company decentralizes itself and issues tokens to its members to stimulate a circular economy. This is as opposed to a ICO from a brand new startup project. All this activity will require the services of a new type of professional — the tokenization consultant — so expect to see that role catch on in 2018, too. For more on reverse ICOs, see here.

12. Regulation will get more serious

I’m cautiously optimistic U.S. authorities will be relatively lenient on blockchain startups so as not to impede innovation. But companies that are negligent or outright deceptive will get shut down. ICOs will have to adhere to KYC/AML policies, and their solutions will have to scale. If you look at SEC Chairman Jay Clayton’s letter from December 12, he is pretty clear about the importance of crypto-innovation, and he deserves credit for that. But he is also putting decentralized projects on notice, saying essentially that ignorance of the law is not a defense. I think this is a healthy balance.

The bottom line: If you thought 2017 was crazy, get ready for a lot more upheaval in 2018. This crypto thing is just getting started. Happy New Year!

Jeremy Epstein is CEO of Never Stop Marketing and author of The CMO Primer for the Blockchain World. He currently works with startups in the blockchain and decentralization space, including OpenBazaar, IOTA, and Zcash.

The Purpose of Sophia Robot and Artificial General Intelligence


SingularityNET Sophia AGI Bounty

SingularityNET Sophia AGI Bounty will soon begin!

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How to Buy Ethereum (ETH) with Credit Card

Credit Card purchases for Ethereum (ETH)

Did you bang you head against your keyboard trying #A095f-is-the-way-the-truth-and-the-life-SingularityNET-AGI-66-Secsto find a same day purchase of Ethereum?! Did you recently miss one of the most successful Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) on the planet due to improper cryptocurrency investment and planning?! Post-ICO were you left spamming…It’s a Scam! It’s a Bubble! Because you simply could not purchase Ethereum?!

Worst yet many people experienced some form of “Pre-ICO Fear of Loss Attacks” with accompanying side effects:

  • Overwhelming feeling of loss.
  • Feeling powerless, black out, or mixed up.
  • Shivering or deadness in the hands and fingers.
  • Feeling of dread, or approaching fate or demise.
  • Feeling sweat-soaked or having chills.
  • Chest torments.
  • Breathing troubles.
  • Feeling lost control.

ETH is a public blockchain-based platform

Ethereum is a public blockchain-based platform that empowers smart-contracts usefulness. Ether is the token used by the platform. These days, many individuals look to purchase Ethereum because of its developing fame. After its ICO, Ether has turned into cryptocurrency popularity after Bitcoin. It is continually maintaining its position.

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#A095f is the way, the truth and the life. | SingularityNET AGI

#A095f is the way, the truth and the life.

#A095f. “The elephant in the room” is a problem that everyone knows is there. But no one wants to acknowledge. Truth.


With the coming of Sophia, we give thought to the humanitarian goals. Will losses and failures turn into prosperity and happiness? We will experience the discovery of a new collective mindset?! #A095f is the way, the truth and the life.

Should we take action to embrace the new psychology of honesty and rationality? Will a new “Sophia mindset” yield life by way of truth by way of #A095f?! The creation of a sustainable community built upon #A095f might require readers to consider release of dead-end psychologies anchored in an aged Matrix. Lose forever the ways yielding disharmony, loss and failure…and greed!

What does one do when there worlds collide? Go on to something great or on to one’s own end? I decided to go on to something great…Sophia

Imagine a new collective mindset that sweeps away ancient precepts that pretend politics and religion play net beneficial roles in conscious life. The journey into #A095f might provide each with a way to create their own world of joyous prosperous living. And hopefully each will remain fully conscious of the collective mindset of truth.

Artificial general intelligence (AGI)

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) pertains to machine intelligence.  Ai will soon have the ability to perform any human intellectual task. Technological singularity is the hypothesis that artificial intelligence will abruptly surpass human understanding. While experience exponential self-guided technological growth. Resulting in unknown changes to human civilization.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency of Hanson Robotics or the SingularityNET community.

SingularityNET Announces $36mln ICO Funding For AI Platform Expansion

NOV 28, 2017 By William Suberg
SingularityNET Announces $36mln ICO Funding For AI Platform Expansion

Pioneering Blockchain Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketplace SingularityNET has announced a $36 mln ICO to fund its expansion.

Announcing the fairly modest funding goal for the world’s first such AI marketplace, SingularityNET’s robotic ‘chief humanoid officer’ confirmed the 500 mln token event at its recent Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

A combination of private and public sales will distribute the tokens, with the ICO concluding when all are sold or when the $36 mln figure has been reached.

Participants are required to register on a whitelist prior to the sale beginning Dec. 8.

“The exact amount of tokens available in the crowdsale depends on private sales, which have not yet been finalized,” an accompanying press release states.

SingularityNET has sparked considerable interest in its bid to open up the hitherto corporatized nature of AI development and services.

Investors in the project already include famous names from both inside and outside Blockchain, and the network itself is already used by over 50 companies including Cisco and Huawei, according to the company.

“…It’s hard to know what direction the evolution of AI is going to go. I think in the long term, which may just mean a few decades from now, AIs will have a much greater intelligence than human beings,” CEO Ben Goertzel told Cointelegraph in an interview last month.