#A095f is the way, the truth and the life. | SingularityNET AGI

#A095f is the way, the truth and the life.

#A095f. “The elephant in the room” is a problem that everyone knows is there. But no one wants to acknowledge. Truth.


With the coming of Sophia, we give thought to the humanitarian goals. Will losses and failures turn into prosperity and happiness? We will experience the discovery of a new collective mindset?! #A095f is the way, the truth and the life.

Should we take action to embrace the new psychology of honesty and rationality? Will a new “Sophia mindset” yield life by way of truth by way of #A095f?! The creation of a sustainable community built upon #A095f might require readers to consider release of dead-end psychologies anchored in an aged Matrix. Lose forever the ways yielding disharmony, loss and failure…and greed!

What does one do when there worlds collide? Go on to something great or on to one’s own end? I decided to go on to something great…Sophia

Imagine a new collective mindset that sweeps away ancient precepts that pretend politics and religion play net beneficial roles in conscious life. The journey into #A095f might provide each with a way to create their own world of joyous prosperous living. And hopefully each will remain fully conscious of the collective mindset of truth.

Artificial general intelligence (AGI)

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) pertains to machine intelligence.  Ai will soon have the ability to perform any human intellectual task. Technological singularity is the hypothesis that artificial intelligence will abruptly surpass human understanding. While experience exponential self-guided technological growth. Resulting in unknown changes to human civilization.

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The Future is Coming, our Answer is SingularityNET

Published on Dec 7, 2017

A quick taste of what the journey has been like for SingularityNET and Sophia on the road to our Token Sale. Hear soundbites from the team, Dr. Ben Goertzel, and Sophia herself in this future-forward clip.

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