SingularityNET Token Audit Complete

SingularityNET Token Audit Complete

Tokens to be unfrozen alongside several major developments.

TLDR — Token audit is complete, AGI tokens to be unfrozen on January 18th at 10pm CET.

As you likely know, the SingularityNET Token Generation Event sold out in just 66 seconds. In the weeks since our TGE completed, we’ve seen our Telegram group swell by the thousands. The final numbers speak for themselves:

  • Whitelist Demand: $360+ million
  • Total Funds Raised: $36 million (in ETH)
  • Total Participants: 4000+ participants
  • Speed of Sale: 66 seconds

We Have Successfully Completed Our Token Audit

We’re pleased to announce that our token audit has finished successfully. The success of our platform is our highest priority, and as with other processes, we completed our token audit as thoroughly as possible.

We believe that the measures we took during this process will set the standard for blockchain projects moving forward.

Throughout the audit, we dialogued directly with major regulators to ensure full regulatory compliance. While many projects skirt the law, we were unwilling to put the longevity of SingularityNET at risk. We believe that our patience and rigor will prove valuable to the network over the long-term.

Now that our audit is complete, we will be unfreezing AGI tokens on January 18th, 2018 at 10pm CET.

Major Development Update Coming Soon

We’re also happy to report that many of our development milestones will be reached ahead of schedule. Our team has been working tirelessly on many exciting features, and they’ve made significant progress since our TGE finished.

AGI tokens will have immediate utility and can be used on our developer network from day one.

Note: The SingularityNET Marketplace is already a working product, albeit with emergent functionality. Our development team will be augmenting its capabilities over the next few quarters in preparation for commercial scalability.

We want to thank our 25,000+ community, as well as the hundreds of AI developers and organizations that have approached us looking to integrate their services with SingularityNET.

We’re Attracting High-Level Executives

Behind the scenes, our team has been hard at work, surpassing several technical milestones and finalizing discussions with major blockchain projects, multi-billion dollar corporations, respected research institutions, and independent AI developers in more than a dozen countries.

Due to the scale of our platform, we’ve attracted the interest of numerous high-level executives from world-renowned corporations, foundations, and projects with household names. We’ll be adding to our leadership team over the next few months and will be updating the community when key hires are completed.

We’ve also made rapid progress partnering with like-minded projects that can bring massive value to our platform. A handful of our recent partnerships include:

  • SGInnovate — We’ll be working with the government-owned, private company charged with driving technology innovation in Singapore.
  • NR Capital— Our teams will be collaborating to develop revolutionary AI-driven solutions for global trade.
  • Ocean Protocol— This partnership represents a huge leap forward in meeting the growing demand for full-stack, decentralized AI services.

We’ll be releasing additional information regarding many recent developments later this month.

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